Taylor faces race against time to save rallycross future

Taylor faces race against time to save rallycross future

Taylor faces race against time to save rallycross future

Rising rallycross star Jake Taylor is facing a race against time to remain on the RX150 Rallycross Championship grid ahead of the third round of the 2017 series next month and further progress his promising career in the fastest growing motorsport arena in the world.

Taylor currently lies third in the MSA British Rallycross Championship support category, but without additional support will not be able to continue his programme in the competitive single-seater, single-make championship.

The Retford-based driver is looking for support for the remaining seven rounds of the campaign, after talks with a major partner broke down for reasons out of the control of Jake Taylor Rallycross at the 11th hour.

“My aim has always been to prove that it is possible to succeed in motorsport with talent, hard work, determination and a strong plan. A place in top level motorsport shouldn't be reserved for the wealthy or exclusively for motorsport families and I’m desperate to prove it can be done, we just need a bit of support to achieve it,” said the MSA Academy Member, who has made a significant impression in the RX150 Championship despite less than 90 minutes at the wheel in the high-performance buggies.

“The plan for this year was to prove my ability in the RX150 category, which is renowned for being very competitive, and I really feel we have exceeded expectations already – we’re joint third after two rounds against seasoned racers and RX150 owners. Now we’re looking for support from partners to help me to continue to compete and develop. I’ve had amazing support from my family, friends, MSA Academy, sponsors and supporters so far and I don't want it to end here. I won’t give up in my search for backing to remain on the grid. We have a growing brand, great awareness and a huge digital, social and professional network that I am continually expanding, along with my own performance both on and off of the circuit.”

MSA British Rallycross Championship Manager Tim Whittington has commended Taylor on his professionalism. “The 21st century athlete requires a broad skill set, Jake Taylor epitomises the modern racing driver and is totally professional in the approach to his career and the way he presents himself and his partners both on and off the race track,” he said.

Swift Sport Rallycross Championship podium finisher Taylor has also received the backing of establish rallycross racer, former British RX Champion Ollie O’Donovan, who runs the RX150 Championship. “Jake has impressed in the RX150 Championship this season. From the first test he did with us he has improved a lot and is already challenging for podiums,” said O’Donovan. “I think with more time in a buggy he can improve further still. That’s promising for his future, especially as he has diversified from front to rear-wheel drive. I really hope he can find the budget to continue this season and in his career.”

MSA Academy Manager Greg Symes has worked closely with Taylor for the last three years. “We’ve worked with Jake for the best part of three years and during this time we have watched Jake grow – his hard work is the biggest factor in this,” said Symes. “The brand that he has created is a great testament to him and I can’t wait to see how far Jake goes within the next three years. With his momentum I am sure he will go far!”

Taylor concluded: “Most people would have given up by now, especially at the stage they step up to a higher class and that’s the tough story in motorsport. Our three-year business plan has worked perfectly and this year, the third, was always to achieve a fully funded season. It can be done, we simply need more partners to recognise the growth and potential in rallycross and in myself. My hashtag is #thefutureisRX and I’m determined to work hard to make my future happen, so if anyone is able to assist in doing that, please get in touch.”

For further info on how you, your business or your associates can help Jake Taylor fulfill his promising career potential, get in touch via: www.jaketaylorrallycross.com or search for #thefutureisRX on Social Media channels.