Jake Taylor Rallycross Update

Jake Taylor Rallycross December Update

“Well, since I’ve not been in action in the MSA British Rallycross Championship in the latter part of the 2016 season, I felt like the close of the year was a good time to give an update about what I’ve been up to, and give some clues about what my future holds.

Having competed in the first five rounds of the Swift Sport Rallycross Championship, I made a tough decision to take a break, to concentrate my time and finances on learning and developing my race craft as well as my physical wellbeing whilst trying other new disciplines. The aim has been to become a more well-rounded motorsport individual.

I had a substantial incident at Maasmechelen in Belgium (round five of British RX) which pretty much ended the season. I had a bucket list of things I wanted to do and I am proud to say I have achieved or booked all of them in the last five months.

I set a clear vision and pathway to try circuit racing, speed training, develop my rear-wheel drive experience, do four-wheel drive training, plan my ARDs test (for circuit racing) and improve my strength and stamina to make me stronger as a motorsport athlete and driver.

I have met a whole new set of fantastic motorsport individuals, broadening my network, some of whom will be working with me into my future and I am really excited about it.

Whilst it was tough to take a break from the Swift Sport Rallycross Championship while lying in fifth place overall, it turned out to be a good decision for me, and will help as I progress in my career.

So, what have I been up to? Quite a lot in fact. There’s a list at the bottom of this message for you to check out. Thanks to everything I have completed in the below list, I have improved myself physically, mentally and stepped on my race craft to an even better level, all in readiness for the future.

After successfully completing two years of our three-year plan, as JT Motorsport we are exactly where we hoped to be and there is lots of work going into the strategy of moving upwards and forwards

On that note, it’s only fair that I give an insight into my plans for next year.

There are lots of exciting new developments and opportunities on the horizon and the off-season is promising to be busier than ever for us to try and put those plans into action.

We are working really hard to put a new programme in rallycross together, and we are getting close I must say, pending some signatures hitting the dotted lines. Nothing’s fully secured, but I’m so keen to be involved in the fastest growing four-wheeled motorsport on Earth. It’s safe to say I will be doing all I can to make sure #thefutureisRX

I feel incredibly grateful for all that I have been able to achieve in 2016 and want to personally thank all of those who have helped me. There really are so many people as my network and support has grown wider than ever over the last twelve months.

I must say a huge thank you to my parents. Without their help, dedication and belief in me none of this would have been achieved.

Remember to keep an eye out for our announcements as they are made, and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy and successful 2017.”


Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Experience Day – Donnington – Clio 192 and Ariel Atom with The Real Gran Turismo
  • Track Day Bedford Autodrome – Ariel Atom with The Real Gran Turismo
  • Drifting Experience – Donnington – Nissan 240sx with Learn to Drift
  • Track Day - Goodwood – Subaru Impreza WRX STI Pro Drive
  • Double Track day – Donnington – Training and ARDs test booked for January
  • Countless Karting events with the guys in the MSA Academy, great fun and great learnings from each other including kart control in various conditions.
  • Selected to be an Ambassador for Torque Human Performance which broadens my understanding of motorsport performance
  • Massively improved my physical wellbeing with Porsche Human Performance and OutKlass fitness. Improved body composition along with sharpening up the specifics needed for motorsport.
  • Testing for 2017 rallycross booked